Action Prints


Product Info:

Brand: Fuji Pearl, Best Aluminum, Ramco Fleece

Product code: AMD10, AMD1114, AMD1216, AMD1624, AMD1824, AMD20, AMD2036, AMD24, AMD2436, AMD2442, APFB, AMP16W

The USPD (UPILAB Sports Product Dept.) has been sneeking away to games and thought up customized Multi-Pose Action Prints. All of our Action Sports Poster designs come in 1 thru 6 image layouts. Some posters are customized with the Players Name and Jersey Number. Other poster styles include the Team Name and Year. We proof every poster before we send them to print.

They are printed on Fuji Pearl paper, High Grade Aluminum and Fleece Blanket Material. Open Sports ROES and check them out today.

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  • 8x10 - 50x60
  • Fuji Pearl Paper
  • High Grade Aluminum
  • Extensive Mounting Options
  • Every Action order is proofed prior to printing

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