Acrylic Prints


Product Info:

Sizes : 11x14-24x36

Product code: AP14, AP20, AP24, AP30, AP2430, AP2436, SOM, SOL

Your image laminated, UV coated and permanently adhered to an acrylic sheet. The corners are rounded off and if standoffs are ordered we laser cut the holes an inch from the edge for mounting. The Acrylic material is a quarter inch thick and very durable.

The photo is printed on glossy photo paper, laminated, coated in optically clear adhesive and heat pressed onto the acrylic sheet. This product is a great way to show off your awesome photos and a great sales booster, it has a museum piece quality to it.

The Standoffs are brushed aluminum and come in sets of four. The Medium are 5/8" in length and the Large are 3/4" in length.

It is a great addition to any sales kit, leave them with a lasting impression and they will contact you for more sales.

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