UPILAB New Services

Express Digital Templates

We offer many templates used in Express Digital. Click Here to Download the latest Templates from UPI.

3D Green Screen Backgrounds

Click Here to view our newest 3D (sandwiched) background selections. The examples are grouped by season. They can be used to enhance your sales with both a background and foreground part to each of your images.

Quick-Ship ROES

This new ROES client offers three ways to get your order back more quickly. One is Same Day ROES - in by10:00am and out by 5:00pm. The cost is a little higher for this service. To save money you can also use the Economy Express catalog to order low cost sheets that are bulked packed or individually packaged in the envelope of your choice. Click Here to launch and examine this ROES Client.

Image Hosting Services

UPI partners with two services; Imagequix and Morephotos to offer image hosting and online ordering for your customers. Each has it's benefits and costs. Morephotos is image based and charges a small fee per month/per image. Imagequix charges a percentage of your retail order as a commission. See our Catalog for more information.

Custom Pre Pay Envelopes

We can now completely customize both sides of your pre pay envelope. Click here to view examples in color with your examples/studio info on one side and B&W explanations of packages and pricing on the other side. See our Catalog for more information.

On-Line Pre-pay

This is one of the newest services we offer. It gives your customer a way to pre-pay their order prior to the shoot. You can print a report before the shoot to refer to or the customer can print their own receipt and bring it to the shoot.

We also offer GotPhoto Photography Software

We also offer MorePhoto Photography Software

We also offer CaptureLife Photography Software