A Private Account will save you a significant amount of money.
To get a UPI PRIVATE Photoreflect/Darkroom Account Number, please call (800)362-4441.
(Templates are compatable with PhotoReflect LE and Darkroom 8.9 and newer.)
Templates are being added to this page every week.
Please send an email to techsupport@upilab.com to request any missing or special designs.

Catalog Reference
Click here to download

PhotoReflect LE User Guide
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Click on any Product Category Below
- Then choose a template to download it to your computer.
- Any Template with "DIY" is just an outline; no graphics.

Inferno and IronClad Sports Series
- Choose a Template or Font to download it to your computer.
- Most Inferno Templates default to generic (No Sport).
- However, each Sport is selectable when the Inferno Template is loaded in Workshop.
- All of the IronClad Templates are generic and no particular sport can be selected.
- There are 3 downloadable Fonts that are used with the Inferno and IronClad Templates.

More Product Categories
- Choose a template to download it to your computer

Template Instructions:

After the template you need is selected and downloaded,
locate the template in the downloads folder within your browser.
Copy it to a convenient location and then open PhotoReflect LE or Darkroom software.
Go to Setup/Templates/Your Border Groups. Then click Add and browse to the location of the new Template.
Select it and then click Add Selected. It's now available for your UPI orders.


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